We are currently planning events over the Summer and Autumn 2018:

Wednesday 12th September - Understanding Local Distinctiveness: the challenge for new housing in town and country, Oxford 
A full day seminar and hands-on workshop examining what we mean by local distinctiveness, why it matters, how new development seeks to respond to it, the mechanisms to capture important local characteristics in planning, and testing one of two toolkits to identify how to do this in practice, run in partnership with BOBMK - the local design and planning authority network for Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

Tuesday 16th October - The Role of Volunteers in Planning and Heritage: Issues, Toolkits and Expectations, Oxford
A full day seminar and hands-on workshop looking at how volunteers can support local planning authorities to identify, monitor and protect built heritage, as well as how communities themselves can use planning toolkits effectively to identify and improve local heritage and much values places.
Followed at 5pm by the HTVF's Annual General Meeting, Kellogg College, Oxford.

Tuesday 6th November - Under Pressure: Working with the form, function and setting of smaller settlements, Oxford 
A full day seminar and hands-on workshop exploring how smaller settlements have evolved and their functions today, how the current planning system manages demand for growth, and testing out what the main considerations should be in managing change in small towns, villages and hamlets, in partnership with the Urban Design Group.

Tuesday 20th November - Managing Contemporary and Historic Design and Development #2 - Cambridge
A full day visit to new developments in and around the city, with group travel options from Oxford too, in partnership with BOBMK.

Please see this Events page for more details...