Mission and Objectives

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The purpose of the Historic Towns and Villages Forum is to provide support, training and information to organisations, professionals and others involved in the planning and management of historic cities, towns and villages. This is to ensure that historic towns are not just conserved for future generations, but that they realise their full economic potential. The Historic Towns and Villages Forum sees heritage as a major element in delivering sustainable economic development.

We deliver our purpose through events, training, research, lobbying, projects, publications and partnership development. We are a membership organisation and welcome opportunities to work with members to address their interests, as well as to partner with other bodies on issues of shared ground. One example of this is the joint HTVF, IHBC and Civic Voice publication
Conservation Professional Practice Principle published in 2017, with the support of the Herbert Lane Trust.
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Through our links with Oxford University we are able to lead and participate in research on issues around heritage and urban management. Studies undertaken in 2016 and 2017 have looked at the relationship between built heritage sector volunteers and the professional skills gap, their motivations and how organisations can benefit from their inputs.

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The Origins of the HTVF
The Historic Towns and Villages Forum was formed following the alliance of the Historic Towns Forum (formerly the English Historic Towns Forum) and ASHTAV (the Association of Small Historic Towns and Villages), and is supported by the Herbert Lane Trust.

Both organisations shared a passionate belief in the value of historic places, and the importance of managing change to ensure their continuity, and so began collaborating in 2013. This was formalised as alliance and was renamed Historic Towns and Villages Forum in 2016.
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