Forthcoming Seminars, Workshops & Walking Tours 2019

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Neighbourhood Planning Review: what it’s achieving and how

Tuesday 26th February 2019, Kellogg College, Oxford OX2 6PN

With neighbourhood planning now well underway in many urban centres and neighbourhoods, towns, villages and rural areas, this seminar is an opportunity to hear about innovative strategies and techniques to build an evidence base for critical issues, common challenges and ways to respond to them, and what to look for in appointing an inspector.

Protecting our Heritage Assets: Community involvement in recording and regenerating local heritage

Tuesday 19thMarch 2019, Kellogg College, Oxford OX2 6PN

As local authorities’ resources are further constrained, many are looking to local communities and experts for support in preparing heritage-related materials.  Ranging from undertaking conservation area appraisals, surveying for Heritage at Risk registers, drawing up evidence to support local lists of assets, communities are stepping into these roles with considerable success.  This seminar is an opportunity to hear more about how this can be done and how to manage expectations.

Coming in Spring 2019:

Creating Resilient Cultural Heritage, including visit to newly redeveloped and restored Buxton Crescent, Natural Baths and Pump Room, Buxton.

York: Planning for the future with heritage in mind, hearing about plans for the redevelopment of York Guildhall, the Castle Gateway quarter, Hungate and other major sites in this historic city.